F1 Data Graph

Here is a link to the prototype of the F1 data tool I would like to build. www.palisa.com/f1/plots.html

Right now the graph only goes back to 1984, but I have drivers all the way from the ’50s. If you choose a driver with information not in that time frame the graph will not show anything.  Keep giving me ideas.  Maybe I can make this a full blown F1 tool.


I made you a present

I was hoping to add a litte Formula 1 data to the front page, and found a web service that publishes all F1 data since 1950.  So, I wrote you some javascript that will let you see the current leader standings.  Just click the link I’m adding called “F1 Standings”.  I’ll put the link here, too.  The file is standings.html and I pushed it up to the root directory, if you want to take a look at it.